01 - ALFALAQ (Intro)



04 - DAY'S END







11 - SILVER LINING (Interlude)

12 - REACH HIGHER (Outro)


01 - AL FALAQ (The Dawn)

   I seek shelter (and security) with Allah the Creator of the dawn
    That He may deliver me from the mischief of those things which He hath created
      And from the evil (that usually prevails in the times) of darkness when it overspreads (at night)
        And from the evil of all human beings bent on occult endeavors
          And from evil harm (of) envious jealousy, when he/she feels envy at the superior advantages of others (and tries to harm).



Blessing God with the press of competition aimed for best

A soul, mind, will, a swagger vexed to impress

Addressed clean and clear when spoken from the chest

Still blessing God with the press of competition aimed for best

A soul, mind, will, a swagger vexed to impress

Addressed clean and clear when spoken from the chest

Fulfilling truth scoped whole amidst powers

there to lead and die for moral justice to survive

I'm leading on a tightrope 

presenting hope to lead people

serve, love, save feeble sacred creatures

With hope as guarantee

believing hope in guarantee 

forever to help you breathe free

courageous ways against the grain 

convicting wills as well-adjusted

virtue powers fully mustered

into roles critiquing truth of ways 

told in light of how it holds

scared to mirror a call for nation ordinary waking up

trembling boots of they to leave you fucked

crucial intellect placing self in high-select

connecting one to all

social seeds held as high as leaves in Fall

greatness raised in latter days through grace of God

for them to graise on and leave them better off

Text of sacred embraced in prayer

bequeathed beneath the midst of muck 

triggered-bent buckets of blood

Blessing God with the press of competition aimed for best

a soul, mind, will, a swagger vexed to impress

Addressed clean and clear when spoken from the chest

Still blessing God with the press of competition aimed for best

a soul, mind, will, a swagger vexed to impress

Addressed clean and clear when spoken from the chest

From the east of the middle

A southerner where priests preach

Rabbi’s teach of the deceased

Sheikhs light up ways for nights and days coming anew

catching sight in prayers straying pain - you too could do

quick to catch feast

felt in motion soon to blow and splatter potions

corrosive quotients melt in crowds who soak it

don't trust the omen

Thunder lightenings near approaching to light-up your sight

toward a plight to pave you on a path in life to keep you tight

whether woods or the trees

we escapade beyond the known

shoulda-woulda never could

left on me to spark afar worlds into contact

in addition with the hood

we torch maps of source

support porch speakers blasting worded-works 

ever lurking in a world filling quick with the dirt

flirts ending in squirts featuring births 

among status able to maintain

sayers praying nay directing ways opposite the astray

Blessing God with the press of competition aimed for best

A soul, mind, will, a swagger vexed to impress

Addressed clean and clear when spoken from the chest

Still blessing God with the press of competition aimed for best

A soul, mind, will, a swagger vexed to impress

Addressed clean and clear when spoken from the chest


Tom Snyder: If you got out tomorrow do you have any scores to settle on the outside?
Charles Manson: Well, most people do themselves wrong.
Tom Snyder: But would you want to go get anybody if you got out?
Charles Manson: No. See what they do, see they take all that bad and then they push it off on each other. I told the dude you're doing this to yourself man.

I spend my lifetime scheming for my right minds dream fulfillment
Gleaming like a superstar illuminant
my energy encapsulates spoken word symmetry
my heart poetry reflects tones of sorrow misery
survived through and through
I lived to learn, guide through
hearken souls pious cries died to
looks of crooks catching hooks inspecting actions fishy
cat-in-hat knacks serving treats through tricks and traps
perhaps the day of life belongs to devil moves to do you wrong
watch your back, arson felons hearken gun shellings aimed at lungs
Shunned by ones funding runs for seats in office of the metropolis
softest burned alike moths near the light
mysteries unsolved revolve on pause
Prizes through heist entice minds to deal in missions vice
gone awry that could cost lives  Amidst the fountain gardens of sublime   Towards the mountain top of Zion

Climbing through the valley streams
with hopes of finding a sign of prime
more than quartets of a dime
lights of shine sit powerless against the one Allah
Satan sipping wine intoxicating visions of sublime
I turn aggressive to escape against
oppressions of those oppressive on the kid
or could it be my own playing tricks towards directions of the blind
ways of sin listed numerous- seven to ten, maybe eleven
assigned seven gates of hell
unincluding spells within of whom it dwells
hearts and minds purified
elevated as a sacred
angels and demons sit to war for God's placement
without the hate it's hard to elevate
so I climb amidst the dwells made of spells
spat out of mouths of minds stuck in jail
schmoes, foes dedicate a downfall, I thank them all
bitches and whores sparked the phenom off the bench
mother nature's potion of emotions flows like oceans
so I play the shore man
a diamond rock solid core to keep me grounded
Soothe the mind of hers to elevate a prime
I turn aggressive through the anxious
wisdoms channeled from the times of ancient
reflect the S off the chest
talks of TheSalloum
the first represented by the best
they tried to rob me of my jewels
turn a king to a fiend through exploits of
those who had in mind a character supreme
but a blur turned to clarity when I heard words of disparity

Through the beauty in life
I keep in forward focus
manifesting dreams, desires
head to the sky
a pious empire built out of a fire to spark the blood of heart
I rep my heart to the hardest
a martyr's purpose fulfilled to the fullest
a blood to bless the truest
alike the monks of Buddhist
unlike Yehuda the Judas
once a disciple of the truest
unlike Yehuda the Judas
once a disciple of the

04 - DAY'S END

In need of air to breathe
I cultivated from a seed rare breed
raised to lead in a world of greed
from out the womb flesh dressed fresh
ready set with the first breath
life years alike my peers
left steered chasing treasures of chest
those who’s blessed found the key to success
talents I never burned
pen to pad laid firm
cerebral penetrations illustrating my revealed imagination
spirits elevating in relation to my revelations
mellow poetic melodies emancipating symmetry
manipulating words of work
birthing pedigrees among foes who stare
with glares daring egos to flare
echoing fear cross-stepping respect
causing wrecks leaving lives in debt
the cause of answers calling misery: shallow mysteries
missing links: lacking sympathy
paving paths for who's next
locking bets with the best
seasoned vets cruising flexed
up and down the stretch
will’s perplexed for lust and money
found in works anointing blocks
setting shop en route the climb to the top
Triggered glocks spotting sly fox
cock-blocking cops popping lead to crop blocks into wedlock
day’s asleep
outings nightly with the beats
prone to bang streets
clone green
friend supremes living dreams
script scenes depicting beggars with the bling
leaving grins to gleam
enlisting hope alike preaches of popes
envisioned wishes for peace in mission of God's religion
politicians politricking birthing spiritual frictions
spirits locked in cisions left in remission

Blood diamonds terrorizing, genocide cries paralyzed
sprees notarizing killers of the pious dying
Dwelling freedom spilling spelled demons
On Supreme Being, uttermost afar among each
And every heart wars of cause sparked by stars
Bred to lead breeds of a dying creed
Whirlwinds spiral thoughts engulfed in bliss
Meaningless to plans identified for diss
Colors of the free, lowest to highest degrees
Shores flown by birds in time for sunrise lighting worlds
Ex-Capone tricks bread breaking makes of escapades
Serving bricks Abe stacks crossing ways tossing pay over
Days flipped steaming Franks graised on greed crossing
A and B with G's sounds of bells rings of liberty
Engraving sins breaking deeds costs of keeping free
Battle fucking of the industry

Cold sores foreign to the soul
able to fold blows of acclaimed pros
stable enabling tolls unabled
told picking sides of with whom against to fight
blinding sight, fence jumping
skunking compo with a stench
to never have 'em rising from the bench
though the clever slick as leather made of Kevlar to make it better
wrote a letter light as feather
with hopes to render a lend of thought by ponders of the wanderer
to launder somber greets eloped to meet for bail
settle debt set sail alike set over escapades in darkness
prancing renegades haunting squadrons
calling on afar stars close to God's pardons


I'm living life in a musical world
spreading love with a musical twirl
living pure, keeping fresh
through the message that I stress
never lose, even when I snooze I never pay regrets
making stakes snakes try to take off monetary made plates
used through the use of pearls at parties celebrated A-grade
marmalades drawn to monetary dollars
off creative arts played over air waves
spent on glossy diamonds cut and laced
illuminated perfect shining's turned to waste
when it led me blind in what I'd find in my time of prime
rain or shine, I'd climb in reign even if I wasn't signed
bets to glance the sky in time to catch a star fly
I was made, second thoughts left to blame
twinkle followed by a sigh for those to die at a youth age
dusk to dawn skins burn lungs heave
blood turns by the beam of the love
from the one to equals all sums
without an end to his run
or a birth for a death to come
it's all slaves where sons pave for others where they may stray
No sons left for those who chose the hard ways
in their tracks sat faces caught
taught to cock back and let it spray with attack
A type day to make the present blessed
rather suggest a presidential address

Even when the compo comes through
I look past, place them in my rearview
busy mapping routes for success
they see the game
place the press with hopes for me to digress
what's the key to success I wonder
State of mind visions kings in castles sit and ponder
sipping wine with concubines to fondle
thinking memories of greatness
relaxing in their latter days
reminiscing how they made it

Thinking ways best for working skills of being blessed
placing self in position to attain possessions of the chest
pressing keys to give them plight
like a pilot cruising overnight flights overseas
where overseers haters and digressers lay in wait
contemplating ways for slowing those who carry weight
whether street or lyrical
visions of their miracles prescribe through and through
the God-given stay blessed
so long as humble thoughts keep in mind
you're guaranteed enabled elevations for sublime
never worry, yet be wary of the fallings in the rut
find a route to help you sprout
move past regrets of your past
keeping confident and cool, doing you
let them hunch the sense of the real movement
felt in hearts within left breasts
I'm talking 'real' worthy of the kneel-for to feel

Salloum on the Mic

They never knew of how the G came about
surviving years of drought
doubters spoke the foul to funnel me down
but I came up
lifted above the plugs they tried to dull my senses with
only made sense for the kid
to persevere beyond the fears fogging up their atmospheres
I couldn't contemplate the ways
they tried to say I would never see the day
hard to fathom distractions to have you
pass on dreams to drive you past them
they don't want to see it happen but I made it happen
now what's happening's but a fraction of my plan to come
I was only half myself half the times
I contemplated stealth for gains of wealth
inner peace of mind was the balance in time
I learned to balance my dream with my job
until my dream became my job
All praise due
this is how I do
when thinking how to do
what I gotta do
to make it through

Aiming towards achieving goals
deemed highest in supreme
recognizing, relating, assimilating
through applications of supplication
motivated by drawbacks and obstacles
causing debacles by sorrow thoughts and broken moral codes
when all hope is exhausted and all have gone home
I find promise in the process beyond feelings forlorn
sensed by ones to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel - it's a long road!

Thinking I was to blame
for all the hate claimed to my name
living in my lane
gains attained with acclaim
playing this game of life
moving at a steady pace
feeling blessed for God's given grace
talents with a gift magnificent
fluid like a jewel brewing architect
creating a masterpiece from ruins
a silky flow ably mobile-moving on the go
quick to spit the heat to beats
illustrious at the cost of lacking sleep
but a brotha of peace
charged to speak of ills brought upon by pressures of society
leading to high anxieties
breeding notorieties for whom to fall to traps of hierarchy
Unlived but swayed toward knowledge gained
as if I'd played the game and pained
spirit stained when faced with those who come from what I paint
a beautiful struggle, poetic in speech
in seek of freedom through the cash seemingly to bring peace
same stacks to bling the mink sink you six deep
But their struggle is mine
each to aim to levels of prime
with fine-wined dines and dimes to meet and greet
the company you keep
worth more than bushel heaps deemed to bring peace
so I live it to the fullest
spit to speak the tutelage
Kinged by virtues
steamed by courage
serving as the crucible
omens sowed
sweared to oath
raptizing this fast life while I'm practicing fasting with my Ummah


I'm in a power-battle struggle over others

rising up above 

seeking rights for the sake of life

holding scenes of lotus dreams by any means

building knowledge over heads of logic garbage 

so it seems d'evils scheme evil schemes

making others mourn through inhumanities

tyrant pirates rebel against obedience of God

corrupting minds 

breeding evil

purse-stealing from the people

Appealed to by the Supreme

unhooked by schemes to reel in fiends

a style heroic seen extreme

they say I changed

deranged from where I came

but I couldn't refrain

plead the 5th

followed my 6th

changed the game

raised c.r.e.a.m like Wu-Tang

divine reflections of my soul intellect

it took a score of years to heal these fears 

stretching stress out into tears

a soul relieved by mind debacled 

good thoughts bad thoughts all sorts of thoughts

inclined to elope back with the real source

through every stroke of my throats patois

labeled weird as if of a lower species from which they appeared

Stradivarius to fellow laureates is how it came into my ear


Salloum, the best

Dark scenes as my thoughts in heartless dreams

between me and her she defends a king

me a G but I don't f^% with the bling

what's the meaning of life I think

what I think about love? f^% the dove

instincts got me blind to my eyes

she's got me loving her forever in disguise

I think time by the hand 

but more importantly I change when I need to take a stand

the young Pali acting like a man

so I stay sleep deprived all night 

I stay writing

matter of fact typing

composing rhymes off the beats 

that bring me out to shine

like the lightness of the moon bringing bright light to the skies up in early June

to the winter solstice man I'm seeing more stress

but with a dime in time my mind's blown gone so I'm feeling fine

take a seat and listen to me foes

but don't look down cause only God knows


I hearken life struggles
to sharpen my mental muscles
like a rock sitting up atop a mountain
with a view of the world below
soaking heat by the sun's glow
comes a miner suddenly drilling holes
exploding rocks
dusting rust off with his brush
he pours in black powder
sets a blast off
the mountain echoes
blocks blown asunder
he grabs the chisel
saws and cuts measures precise in figure
drizzles oint for polish
flourishing and honed
acknowledged as the final accomplishment
rising soon atop a monument
bringing glory unto the city below
the formulation of a stone
from being undermined to having stature of a throne
wrapped and plastered by delicate mastering

Similarly I put my heart into my art
gracing every piece of art that I mark
I'm making moves moving through new and improved
Like a turnstile, working
turning trifles to perfection
through grit and pluck I climb up from the rough
inflame hearts with love and virtue
pious kings birthed from gutter streets where fiends will murk you
immersed with burdens representing Maslow's hierarchal needs
food, sex, water and sleep with a place to breathe
Disconnections from the infinite
breeds rapacious viciousness
greed they conquer with
based off of fear of what they lack
the cause of happenings for the having and the getting
losing happiness without the giving

Creative energies I roll with
create melodic wave drifts to flow swift
early to rise, feeling wealthy and wise
creating life opportunities to fly by
inevitably, I catch luck in the mitt of my glove
a Yogi Berra pedigree
under the same sky as greats
who lived and left behind wisdom words before they died
never late to, I hearken unto clues that shed through
different horizons catapulting characters
to professions they're disguised in
attaining levels genius through patience and perseverance
inward journey's worth embracing
I'm escaping life's spells and mazes stirring strife up
by backstabs and uppercuts of heist
lusts will turn you from treating others
the same of how you're wishing to be treated
to losing respect, causing distress through neglectful reasoning
the Golden Rule the most simple and plain
when turned complex
creates miseries and pains at the price of what
not the money and fame
the same game to bring stains to your name

Feeling afflicted by constrictions set upon by those to weed them out
hoes to dig him inside out
wanting of his seed so they can sprout
unbeknownst blind to the leaves of his tree
subtle destructions deemed flourishing
hustlers turned prison-mates to being re-birthed again
potentially re-surging as the next Gandhi, Malcolm, or Mandela
the pain of mind marks the place where hearts dwell in hell
spiritual minerals build interiors imperial
birthing men of great into Generals
through morals built upon
check the notice
take hints of locusts focused on disheveling your focus

Not a prophet but a messenger
I spit it like a harbinger institute scholar
journaling povert marvels destitute amidst fatigue and sorrows
brought about by horrors
carried out in lands where prostitutes and sharks march at dark
with dreams deemed supreme by ultra-rich mega stars
with metallic bling and lovely cars
masses exasperated by Ferrari's and Mazda's
speeding past them at rates of fathers tagging sons bastard
living havoc, caught up in the magic of the fast life
trife shit creeping out at night
So Ispit to shed light
spit the shit to lift your mind
rhyme sublime with aprime-time shine
no need to spliff or cop a dime
for the shit I give is free
from me to you without a fee
the more I spread the more blessed I be
the more blessed the more I conceive
I channel ponders of mind
how it rains from my brain to make a track wasn't easy
but I trained and what became became a stain
to change the game in the name of Elohim



A dreamer
my glow shines like a beamer 
ill-pure cancerous emphysema
Adhan for relatives of the Ummah
sounds off for Medulla, Medusa
my pursuit I’m wearing as a suit
deep breaths, chest heaving
I’m achieving even when I’m never reaching
preaching scored teachings 
like a priest scoring Lord's fellas decent
through my roots knowledge carries blood of Truth
type fairy to hear it all without pulling a tooth
tough to handle so I speak it over cellos in the booth
mellowed down, well absorbed, in disguise
for you to hear the vibrations when you ride by my side
favors at the snap of my hard worked labor
got the guap, dapped, rolled the sack, lit it 
passed it back with my neighbor
and that's the purity in context 
spoken purely over conversations
unlike pigs with the convicts
constellated traces align with inspiration
tied with advice, played at the roll of a dice
freedom stars shoot across the sky 
once again alive just to fade quick and die 
don't ask why to surpass lies 
some things as best known when just left to fly
journals read by the writer in the purse just to get by
words spoken and rehearsed by who was pained to die
marmalade who feels pains of the curse and asks why
alike the pain of the birth which she took 
when first injected with the squirt
so much for when he said it was destined to work
tested in his faith to lurk

Through belief in faith
religious thoughts awake for God's sake
through the choice of voice for noise
I’m making way when all it takes is belief 
in love and faith to rise above the hate
I’m changing for a reason
forgiving for the loving
a reasonable argument for the puffing
you relate to love when you puff enough 
and peaceful at hands
war a necessity for the strong to stand
conquer man and/or even seize land
America's powers in the wrong hands
they saw Marley take the peaceful stand
so in return marijuana they ban
instead of peace and love
they love to instill fear into man
terrorism as a theme of their plan
redeemed through the landing of the grand$
from the conquering of the lands covered in the sand
a fan for knowledge so I’m paying top dollars 
when the poorest of poor can be top scholars and cop dollars 
like top shottas in ghettos and hoods
converts converting through the words of the Shahada for good
stereotypical assumptions you would turn to false presumptions
coming out understood through you being misunderstood
still played off as being all good

hollaback red is well 
you know the f#$%^^ deal
Salloum on the Mic
HollowDreamz is the tale
One love in the world today~

What's to show but glows in diamonds
and double R's rolling over chrome fours
born to score where slaves are raised to die in war for 
ill-advised ties disguised in lies
of the oppressed are left stressed out lives living in distress 
still unimpressed by coverage of the press
a fight for freedom claimed beaten 
 *through unachievement to retrieve him 
 *a type scheme to meet him
 *better yet to breed him
 *netted ill with the greet to later leave him 
 *misplaced for the chase where last traced
bodies splattered waste under rights to be embraced
thoughts of "once bad" turned haste
thoughts for what had him mad 
were replaced with glamour’s of the pad 
that kept them all glad
soon to turn sad 
when worst no longer could irreverse 
the curse matching the purse turned for worst
given up for shots to burst
since his birth it was ungranted when 
handed with what he mishandled
unreprimanded, left forever stranded

hollaback red is well
HollowDreamz is the tale

*last verse reference: Osama bin Laden having been placed in a hospital by the ISI in pakistan, and theoretically was being looked out after by US-linked intelligence agents.

> www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-33152315  ;   http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO311A.html

> 6:30 - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tY3ZVmkAKyM#dialog


Only then way before he'd begin
would gray hairs float on back up 
to stick atop his head again
he’d sit and wonder on the seats 
where he'd walk and ponder each week
In the park and on the streets, preying on the weak
committing crimes latched on his grind
accompanied with signs of hard times 
healed by the icing on his wrist
he lived the vice life until he found his fix
making way for his prime filled with bliss
he heard the sound of bullets streaming out of glocks
held by robbers dropping sprees 
on shoppers begging on their knees
desperately handing over keys, leather pads
begging please in mercy pleas 
back when it was bad
his end soon began an epic to begin
steered by fear, made of dare
bared unfair in a world lacking love and care
shared in nightmare tales 
sticking up hairs with his deadly scare

They said a change is going to come

put the face of a man once known to a game so young
the game changed as the change came
cummed on the sums
billions got played
bills got paid
Bill got laid cause Bill helped the game 
and from the same gust came a man 
who changed the game for the plus 
a warrior stellar-type storyteller
embarked on teachings of the most high 
so I bow to the most high, mos def

In my past I existed as a champ
suicided by a martyr facing killer drones
youth bones ricocheted
never seen it but I heard about it
turned me grim
looking to the world from without
when the answers were within
dumping all to slow my climb
progressive thoughts to build a character divine
through a spirit experience worth a mil
toward a purpose infinitely instilled
clear signs comprehensible to men of clear minds
immortal yearnings turned imperils to greatness
through a wisdom of the ages
by a teaching of the sages
divine intelligence gained through a flipping of the pages
it takes ages to attain this wisdom bliss
I wonder why the world crucifies the best of the best
crooked visions to scheme and knock you off your mission
in the end of the age of the innocence
I'm left guessing ways best to progress

How it'd be if they knew who I'd be
girls given love paved lanes for mistrust
not a hustler of the drugs
nor a kingpin of slums
but a fan of the one's and two's til infinity
I spit a punch of rhymes off of what I sign 
as the paving of a lane by a brain 
knocking game revealing fate to give me fame
A way to flow like the H2O
Until death do us part I'm speaking from the heart

A young quarter century
spitting rhymes envisioning dreams
a lyrical heavy weight
raps set to tell it straight
one of the greats
without albums out or records sold
nothing compares to this soul that flows
like the Nile with a roar of a jungle tiger
made of mud
birthed opposite the sun
spitting hot fire
an immortal technique telekinetic in reach
thoughts distant so I bring you en route my kingdom
the young sun drowning out crowds 
trying to drive me down the road 
I was driving down once before
through my choice to explore
hated it at first, loved it at last
Alas came full circle with the math
spitting life through rhymes
a vivid mind rapping sorrowness from real pain
flipping pains to gains
night to light
yin-yang's authored right
pieced to the puzzle
emceed to shed light 
the young thriller on the Mic!


I cool thine eyes
forward moving 
steady cruising on time
the God blessings in possession of mine
keep me stressing blessing those in distress
divine Truths in the name of praise, indeed
is the message
what's the word 
I was hurting
what I breathe 
is the rhythm to the heart poundings 
symptoms of my soul turned to steel 
through the will of the kneel
hard to feel when succumbed to life's ills
so I focus on the plus and place trust
plus the rust turned to pure turns to pearl
what's the word
it's the world that I live
who's the girl 
she gave birth to the kid
so I look at her in bliss
one time for the love of the miss
relating to struggles from Africa to Europe, Middle East
it's the shit they put up with to place lives on line
alike slick shit pulled up in stick-ups 
with innocents ending victims of crime
nil solutions to the madness 
leaving people dying

It's the rhyme that I ponder, write and celebrate
cause revelations elevate my style
glide souls divinely through the Nile 
the mystic I spit is like a wrist-glist hit
expensive and costly
soul sharpening for the sensitive follow me
I'm embarked on life's journey to make or break

The rhymes I rip 
manipulate the style of my grip
from horror stories to media news war miseries
my state of mind is jumbled
diamond mind rusted
feeling fucked stuck up in this rut
what's a man to do to make it through
skewed and crooked 
feeling disconfigured
images mirroring my lack of spirit 
Insisting pain upon a pleasure worth a lust desired
feeling higher off the nuisance brought upon by intrusions
bruised by the madness 
reaping savage through my habit of habits
changing lanes
aims changed towards attaining gains
this game of life is played by players playing styles 
granted since their date of birth
the nicest of nice walk the path of light
in and out of sight
rats and mice shifting in-between dark and night
dreams turned mystline
unforeseen by the blind
deemed supreme by the Beelzebub
hymning hums caught by ears 
vulnerable to lust
gotta have patience and trust

It's the rhyme that I think, ponder, write, and celebrate 
cause revelations elevate my style
glide souls divinely through the Nile 
the mystic I spit is like a wrist-glist hit
expensive and costly
soul sharpening for the sensitive, follow me

I'm embarked on life's journey to make or break

I speak on energy by way of symmetry
energized to cause a rise
a riot to spark the days of dark
robbing lives of men who trek lost in Noah's Ark
so the will for struggle in me is present for you to see
wisdom's gained from out of miseries 
alive and well after falls entailed, labeled fails
but the gifts of life are the skills that I sharpen tight
curses seen as ills I dealt with to come into sight and overcame
cummed on bitches I shunned on til I learnt the game 
dirty and savage, bastards with malice to practice magic
lack of faith turned my fate over to devil advocates
pinpointing cues for tight game
know thyself
enroll belief in self wealth
learn your stealth
strengthen health
protect your neck and nuts
embark your path with purpose and a strut
but dont stunt
calm and light walk 
with the sight of an owl at night
hawk watch for sharks creeping in the dark
Salloum on the mic!


Geraldo Rivera: Do you think that this world, San Quentin, has any relation to the world outside?
Charles Manson: This world of San Quentin is where all the children of God are. This is where you keep all of your children that you don’t want. The ones that you get to carry the heavy load.

Charles Manson: I just talk natural ... I told you, you see nothing I do is right man, unless I stay in the cell. They crowd me, and I’ve got this little space. My life is bigger than this little space. I live in the desert. I live in the mountains, man. I’m big. My mind is big. But everybody's trying to quiet me down and push me down and make me into all these little things that they need me to be. And that’s not me at all, man. That's not me.

Michal Ben Horin: Isn't this an act right now?
Charles Manson: Well what isn't an act? What isn't an act? Are you an act?
Michal Ben Horin: Sure so are you.
Charles Manson: Alright.
Michal Ben Horin: So we're all an act, right?
Charles Manson: The only thing that isn't an act is when someone gets killed. And then it isn't an act because people's fear sees it as being real. So the only thing people see as real is fear. So if the people in the underworld are knocking people down in the streets and breaking their jaws, maybe it's the people in the underworld that want you to see that: I am very real, and I am on this planet Earth, and I am moving for ATWA; my air, my trees, my water, my wildlife (animals) in every way I know how, in every way I can.

Charles Manson: I'm a lizard on a rock, man. I'm a coyote, or a bug in the bushes, man. I don't live in that world you live in. I don't have nothing to do with that world. I drove them Cadillac's through town, ya dig. I had nine pockets full of money, looking around thinking wow what's next, you know. That's a bigger jail than the one I'm in. You're in jail, you're in prison man. This guy here's in prison. I'm not locked in dollar bills. I'm free man. I'm free.

Charles Manson: See spiritualism scares you people, because you've got this little stereotype church that you're buying and selling, and you're trying to put God in a building. But God is much bigger than that little church, you know. And spiritualism is a lot more than they put in libraries and books.
Charlie Rose: Most religious people know that.
Charles Manson: Yeah

Charles Manson: You know real when you see real. That’s the part of me that they hate. Because they don’t like you when you see the real, because they don’t like the real to be seen. Because most people like to hide the real, because the real is always what gets hurt. The real is what we don’t understand. The real is, you know, the real is what we push under the baby. You know, we put it over by the baby and leave it, you know. The real is difficult. The realist says, it says this: Surrender. Give it up. Every bit of it. I don't want it all. One world. That’s the only way we’re gonna survive. One world government. One money. One computer. One zoo. One prison. One person. One.

Ted Bundy: Those of us who are, or have been so much influenced by violence in the media, in particular, pornographic violence, are not some kinds of inherent monsters. We are your sons and we are your husbands. And we grew up in regular families. And pornography can reach out and snatch a kid out of any house today. It snatched me out of my home 20, 30 years ago. And as diligent as my parents were, and they were diligent in protecting their children, and as good a Christian home as we had, and we had a wonderful Christian home, there is no protection against the kinds of influences that are loose in a society...

Charles Manson: They need criminals man, they need people to lock up in cages. If they didn’t have people to lock up in cages, they wouldn’t to be able to sell more fear to the public. And they sell more fear to the public, and all them old ladies, they love to buy that fear. They just lay back and watch that fear, and read the detective magazines.
Tom Snyder: What makes the knifer knife, the shooter shoot?
Charles Manson: Society, the reflections of the child.

Tom Snyder: Why shouldn't people be scared by you?
Charles Manson: There's only one person you can be scared of and that's yourself.

Geraldo Rivera: You know what I think? I think that you are an evil person.
Manson: Right. I’m evil. I’m terrible.
Geraldo: You are terrible.
Manson: Ah yeah, I’m awful. I’m awful.
Geraldo: You’re a murdering dog, Charlie.
Manson: Oh I’m a terrible dog, I’m a fiend.
Geraldo: You’re a mass murdering dog.
Manson: A mass murdering dog…now where did you get these ideas?
Geraldo: I read your evidence.
Manson: But does it pay you to say that more, I mean, if I paid you to say it the other way, would you walk backwards?
Geraldo: I don’t walk backwards.
Manson: Well, it’s kinda silly. You read a newspaper and you look on TV, and then you come and see me and you want to call me what they told you. And you know, you know that 99% of that newspaper is for money, not the truth. You know that.

Charlie Rose: What don't we understand?
Manson: You don't understand yourselves.
Rose: Well, what don't we understand about you - grant you we don't understand ourselves, but what don't we understand about you?
Manson: Just what I said. I'm inside of you man. I live inside of you. I'm inside of every one of you.
Rose: And to say that suggests that, what, you being evil is inside of all of us?
Manson: No, Life. It's beyond good and evil, man. It's a balance.

Charles Manson: I didn't say I didn't have anything to do with them. I didn't - you misunderstand me.
Charles Rose: Tell me what you're saying about it. In your last will in testament, what are you saying?
Manson: You got a circle that man lives inside of. He lives inside this circle. He's responsible for this circle, and this circle only. You can take that to the house and ride to the sun with your samurai. You can take that to the 2nd world war. You can take it and hang it on a cross. you can kill me a thousand times but it's still there. It makes no difference whether i'm in the circle or not, it's still there. What this man does outside that circle is none of my business, but if he comes up to circle i'm going to -- get out of my circle. if you don't get down on my circle you're f^%ing with your own life here. Your own life, can't you see it's your life, it's not mine. I'm just another guy walking down the road going -- you want me to be everything to everybody. You want me to face all your fears. you want me to go the gas chamber and walk in and say alright - preacher on one side preacher on the other side - and say: i'm the sun of god, and they said "we know son go ahead and sit down. use your life again". And i say give me my life because I think you're taking care of the kids. But then I get out of the gas chamber and i look at the kids, you're not taking care of the kids, you're feeding on them. You're drinking on their blood man. I'm an old man, all i want to do is retire, get under the desk and be left alone. I don't want to bother nobody. I'm hiding out beneath the world. They come to me and say, "Hi charlie, hi". i said "what do you want?" They said "we just want to talk". I said "about what?" they said "we got problems.Your waters dying. your life is in that cup. Your water's dying. Your trees are dying. your wildlife is locked up in zoos. You're in a zoo man. How do you feel about it? How do you feel? How do you feel that your children would do something like that? How do you feel that an ex-conman would get out of jail and find a rocket scientist''s children out in the garbage can. Come home. "I can't. my mother, my father won't let me. They're drunks. They hate me". I'm responsible for your children? You won't be responsible? How do you feel about those murders? How do you feel about them? That's what counts. Happened in your world, not mine. Not in my circle, because I wouldn't allow it. But listen, those people that died never violated your circle. I didn't have anything to do with those people that died. How many times i got to tell you - they died in Vietnam, they died in Korea. I didn't have nothing to do with that. I never told those people you go and kill those people -- I said like this: be responsible for your own actions, man.
Charlie Rose: Anybody who watches this tape, is going to see the things that you have said, and hear the things that you have said, and they're also going to say, "that man is mentally sick", and what do you say to that.
Charles Manson: When you take a negative from a picture, and you hold it up to the light, you don't see the light you see the negative. So what you think in your mind as you look at me is how you're judging yourself in the world. This guy here was written down in the scriptures long before I got here.
Charlie Rose: You think you'll ever leave prison?
Charles Manson: Prison? I left prison in '67. I got out of Jail.
Charlie Rose: Yeah, but you're back.
Charles Manson: Can't you see I'm out man. Can't you see i'm out. Can't you see I'm free!


Reach higher           Higher consciousness          If you Love me        Reach higher        Higher consciousness


Take a look at the kid in his prime
I got a shine worth the blind of diamond De Beer
sipping wine, thinking crime, pissing metabolites
three rights make a left
imperial impressions deducting impossibilities to practicality- I call it mastery
This is how god made me, a sensitive mind
I'm going through life struggles one day at a time
trying to keep my head above water
thinking how I'm going to make it
how I'm going to survive
my harsh conditions nothing but the imagination of my mind
so I re-tune, place the stamp of divine on the struggle
crystal clear, my brain - a skull of chandeliers
painting sights similar to View of Delft by Vermeer
coming through and keeping near
reading books and ancient poems
I see longevity in the wisdom of the knowing

Dreams are very important.
If we don't have dreams, we wouldn't be able to notify our minds into wonderful things.
It's like a movie, but you can't stop it unless you wake up.
I think that it's a feeling.

Sages throughout the ages
speak of knowledge birthing ways for when
men of sorrow thoughts and obstacles end faded
in the shade, sit the weak to fold without faith
It's a true story told manifold
A reality of this life
my mentality, beyond the average
who obtain the average salary
but un-about the money
the freedom I spit enables me the freedom
to imagine all the shit I gotta get
star-striped linen poles posted on streets
universities teaching school children rules of the road
what's this life made of
nothing but the foul shit they try to make you a prey of
but I pray up so I'm walking way above
definitions defined by norms
instigating non-entrance of a prime
made a part of a process
to leave you longing for basic enterprises
uniqueness of character spurs birth towards divine worth
beyond the cash money hoes I hear spitting through speakers
the same ones speaking the shit
the same caught up in the hut
with leeches sucking on their pneuma-nucleus
a realm to keep you glued within the tube unable to move
lest you get tagged wacko or weird
now seen as making moves
in the eyes of history at least

Dreams kind of help you really in real life, really, because they give you clues of the future, but very hard clues.

Lessons of repression's got minds suggesting
reasons for attacking forces of protection
curfews set depicted as a blessing
safety of the nation- concealed as oppression
giving birth to progressions
spoken aloud, quick to fall through reasons unfound
explanations of the rationale
murdered down for rowdying crowds aloud through the rallying about the foul
souls forbidden to give in to the living given to keep us proud
too many souls giving in to the living given to keep them around
in the land of the free rich lives live in misery
where the brave play the game
make a living through their message and the fame
where the untamed aim to gain
unlike the same still thought of as sane
slaying sons bringing mothers pain
and that's the game

Zoned alone as the lone in the zone
Rhythmic beats heat fire-sparked preaches that I speak
Wisdom-word verses peak in hearts reached
Punctuated, heard, appraised
by the hardest who play thoughts of lyrical say
Day by day I picture sceneries depicting blessings
Stressing freedom free from oppression
Hard to take in stride unanswered why's for homicide
Hurt souls turned suicidal en route escaping life's tolls
Had them restless, breathing recklessness
Feeling unblessed pressed up against thrones of the best
Flossing glows, breeding foes, heating beef, birthing flows
Soon to cost them in reaping futures to sow
Bro v foes going toe-to-toe increasing sums slain
Grid-locking gains in seek of aims in close range
for some change and a nice chain

Gazing to the star shines in hope of finding life in those who died
Bodies left to rot, sewn in linen, Lennon and those alike
Political decisions hinting in direction of missions
Granted completion without progression towards righteous reasoning

I formulate a quiet mind moving at a private pace
like the tick-tock of a clock
I hearken energies to energize my deeds
keeping faith to cure ills deemed to kill my God-given skills
unfearing those proclaimed for being feared
the great modern plague- the anxious mind state
creating heaven in hell
so everyday I sure as hell cool my mental
washing thoughts away conforming me to world embroidering's
formulating self through renewal of my mind state
searching speakers spitting wisdom
in seek of peace and wisdom
hate and fear- toxic chemicals to mold your souls mission
take notice of the cold souls prone to slow the flow of your soul's growth
fa sho, Provocator

Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to do so much you could do anything!


"Surat Al-Falaq", The Qur'an, Recited by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy

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"Silver Lining", Produced by Wim Mertens

"Reach Higher", Myra - wishing on the same star, by Diane Warren

"Rock With Me", Produced by The Millionaire Music

Suleiman Aloul – Performer, executive producer, lead vocals, writing, recording, essayist, art direction and design

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Features – Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Charlie Rose, Tom Snyder, Michal Ben Horin
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