1. Define HollowDreamz.

2. What is the message you want listeners to take from HollowDreamz?

3. What do you think about the social construct, and the conformity found therein?

4. Why should everyone follow their unique path and express their unique selves?

5. What inspired you to create this project?

6. How do you walk the line between considering the voices of the victimized, with the ones who actually carry out the destructive acts?

7. Touch on the correlation and differences between Epitome Perennial and HollowDreamz.

8. If careers are thought of as a path taken in life - one which constitutes how we spend the majority of our time, and the lifestyle we endeavor upon, and how we make our impact, and even sometimes how we define our identity -- now taking a look back in retrospect, as if we were now turning 90 years old, if we could press the pause button for a moment and reflect upon how to make right what our current circumstances are in light of how it would be visualized long down the road, what words or thoughts do you have to share coming from this point of view?

9. What impact does Islam have on your creativity?

1. Define HollowDreamz.

To me, the purpose of life is to be the best 'you' you can be, spiritually and physically. That means exercising your abilities and natural talents in the arena most fitting for your identity. Then one may be on the path of self-actualization and feel a sense of purposeful self-worth. And that energy will furthermore be reflected unto the world. That is that. It is not defined by money. It is defined by the fulfillment of your inner self; fulfilling your gifts of nature. If you stray from this, then you end up oft times feeling bored, stagnated, and sometimes this leads down the road to depression. HollowDreamz represents countering the downward path proactively, by defining your individualism for yourself, no matter what the world impresses upon you.

There are two viewpoints when interpreting the meaning of HollowDreamz. Viewpoint one is, HollowDreamz is to see things in their seed. That is - HollowDreamz is the beginning of the path. Viewpoint two is, HollowDreamz serves as the reflection of what has become: Literally, "dreams that have (become) hollowed"; a sense of hopelessness, and tragedy. What constitutes HollowDreamz as the end result (tragic ending), or the beginning stages of accomplishment and thus 'success', is based upon the individual's ability to utilize the knowledge of themselves (self-knowledge) for the betterment of their livelihood and impact. It is this vs. one's inability to persevere above the social construct whilst staying true to self; thus tragedy. Staying true to one's envisioned identity for self is what must be hearkened - for it is the wisest of choices to hearken - to follow one's passion(s), interests, and calling in life. Inspiration is what it's all about!

The purpose of your education is not for you to get a job. It is for you to discover yourself! The purpose of your education is for you to be a better you. If you can be a better you, success is an effect of that. Success is based on you, being you. If you can't be your real self, success is impossible. A fake you can never be successful. Only a real you is going to be successful. The purpose of your education is for you to be a better you. Find you. Respect you. Love you. -KRS-ONE

"Rock With Me", the last song on the project, does a good job in summing up the purpose of the project. HollowDreamz is a project based upon society conforming all of us from a very young age, discouraging us, whether directly or indirectly, from attaining for greatness; from attaining for our wildest dreams, desires, and aspirations of how life "could be". I understand it keeps the system working like clock work, but life is life; everybody reading this right now will be dead in less than 100 years, so the message of the song is for dreamers to go for it.. to follow their hearts and passions and not settle or diminish their utmost potential for the sake of safety, or acceptance, or for the dollar.. What's the worst that could happen? One of two things will happen: you will either die, or you will eventually find a way - because if it is truly something you enjoy doing, then when shit hits the fan you will get past it all because it is something that comes with a sense of purpose for you. And death in itself is nothing to be scared of.. 300,000 people die every single day on our planet. It's as natural as that. And if that's the #1 fear, and public speaking is the #2 fear, and those are the two things that make people conform and live average and uninspired lives, then that's an easy fight to win. One just has to have the courage to make it happen, and the courage comes from purpose, and the purpose is within each one of us when we look inside and really inquire what it is that makes us feel inspired, passionate, and like our champion self. For some it is helping animals that are sick or injured, for others it is teaching kids who will make up our future generations, and for others it is inspiring others to feel inspired and hopeful. So that's sort of where the concept of my project aims at: upholding our individuality. It also adds a lot to society. Genius is what made great epochs of the past what they were. And genius comes from those who aren't scared to think differently. I despise the sheep mentality. The stupidity and judgment that accompanies it's presence, I have a real problem with that because I've experienced it's side-effects first hand, and I'm sure I've been the antagonist on the other side of it as well. Either way, at a certain point it de-legitimizes and undercuts the best in humanity. I encumbers cowardice rather than courage, and safety rather than daringness.

FEAR: That people will suffer in the long run?

TRUTH: They will suffer the knowledge that they did not live their own story.

FEAR: So? Is that so terrible?

TRUTH: It is worse. It is blasphemy.

FEAR: Blasphemy? You exaggerate.

TRUTH: A person's true voice and God's voice are one. To deny your own voice, is to deny God.

FEAR: Are you saying everyone is God?

TRUTH: When you serve God completely, with all you are, His will and your own become the same.      (source)

2. What is the message you want listeners to take from HollowDreamz?

Oft times, the average person serves the functionality of the system's cruise-control, raised as a by-product of the industrial, educational, social, and the cultural construct. This leads to a herd mentality forsaking the individual's own uniqueness thereby fitting the mold of the apparatus if you will. When a person does not live their passion or fulfill their unique potential, this numbs the individual's wont to dream and aspire, spelling them under the routine to solely just make a living. As a result, it becomes a crabs-in-a-barrel ideology whereupon competition takes the wrong form of productivity, and people lack inspiration because they themselves struggle with their own inner-highest authentic sense of self worth and identity. One of the real joy's in life is envisioning something and bringing it into reality. Another aspect of joy comes from feeling unified in society. And this creates somewhat of a down-spiral, because then there becomes a lack of tolerance and open-mindedness, stemming from mistrust of intentions or insecurity, of which a fear-based starting-point is concerned. And at a certain point, this formulates into a true unique style being looked upon as "rebelliousness".

Many gifted children and adolescents are targets of teasing and bullying. Some of their peers and teachers may perceive them as “too verbal”, “too bossy”, “too smart,” “too nerdy.” Because gifted children and adolescents tend to be highly sensitive to others, their reactions to being teased are extremely intense. One only has to look to recent shootings around the country, committed by kids who have been described as very bright, for examples of this kind of intensity. Often the teasing and bullying is subtle- name-calling, shoving, social ostracism, or intimidation. While girls use more psychological manipulation like spreading malicious rumors, boys account for the majority of physical bullying. Too often their victims suffer in silence. — Davidson Institute

Well, rebelliousness is the only way; it corresponds to trueness of self within that rigid construct. Rebelliousness mustn't be done out spite however. In regards to HollowDreamz, the eccentric, or rebel, offers a unique perspective. The boundary between what is worthwhile and what isn't is based upon belief systems which may oft-times belittle, ignore, and ostracize that which is deemed the "other" within the rigid construct of our own existence. In the mainstream, assumptions and judgments are made oft-times without much cohesive understanding. As a result, there is a divide in dialogue and thus relations. My purpose in presenting the perspective of Charles Manson and Ted Bundy in HollowDreamz is thinking about them in a way that is integrated in our own lives. We can't push evil to the side if we hope to reconcile it's meaning and reason for existence. Dialogue is progress and the starting point is to listen to the one deemed as an "other". HollowDreamz does just this. As much as we ignore and ostracize folks, we limit ourselves.

 "Most evil in the world results from weakness, not malevolence." -Cornel West

3. What do you think about the social construct and the conformity found therein?

Oft-times we lose track of our best selves, leading us to become caught-up and conflagrated with our day-to-day lives, particularly those influenced by Capitalism, and the indirect effects of globalization. We lose touch with our higher-selves and our spiritual purpose, due to the demands of our families, peers, and the construct of the system wherein we abide. This is where the divide between the construct and the eccentric articulates itself, and from this perspective is depicted the freedoms, struggles, constraints, and challenges we each face personally, and this thereby extends to our community as well. Where the line draws is up to each individual to define for him or her self. Tapping into one's eccentricity can be a gift and a curse, and enabling one's self to conform can also be a gift and a curse based upon how the individual consciously decides it to be in his or her own best interest - depending upon their vision, their lot of talent, and work ethic and ability to concentrate to create.

In the philosophy of Bertrand Russell, genius entails that an individual possesses unique qualities and talents that make the genius especially valuable to the society in which he or she operates, once given the chance to contribute to society. Russell's philosophy further maintains, however, that it is possible for such geniuses to be crushed in their youth and lost forever when the environment around them is unsympathetic to their potential mal-adaptive traits. Russell rejected the notion he believed was popular during his lifetime that, "genius will out".

Touching upon the excerpt above, it is in this regard that the essay I wrote, titled "The Spring of Individuality", touches upon the notion and inevitability for humanity to outcast a genius as being a danger only resolved through the philosophy of Ubuntu -- which is "humanity towards others", and "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity". It calls for a maturer and wiser and more self-accepting way for viewing ourselves, thus then others, and the world that looms. The social construct reinforces and teaches conformity. Once more, individuality enables openness and progress toward the state of tolerance among all, hence it is the prerequisite to Unity. If somebody is living from a place of purpose, and their innate talents are being debuted for all else to experience that thing within themselves, they not only feel good about themselves but inevitably act good in their day to day living. One's best self inspires positive decision making. HollowDreamz is the journey toward this self-realization. This is why HollowDreamz is the first stage of the journey for a true life. It`s the alpha. The alpha to the omega.

A talent is something that you are instinctually born with that gives you unique skills and abilities. Talent is set apart from knowledge in that it is not a learned behavior, although it can be strengthened and practiced. The Bible tells us that we are all born with distinct talents and gifts that set us apart from each other. When you discover the talents that God has given you and you use them to glorify Him, you will experience a full life! Our loving Lord wants us to feel whole and complete, and it is through talents that we can find our unique calling in life!

4. Why should everyone follow their unique path and express their unique selves?

If I lied continuously continuously continuously, I will eventually lose myself. My story plot of lies would foil itself through time; the unfoldment of what is not tangibly correct is only magic. This is why magic is haram. You can do magic here and there, but to live a life of magic is unreal. It is like building a house of cards. That house will be unfolded by the inclement weather of life's happenings, until one day you are lost and do not even know where you stand in the relationship with yourself. To lose yourself is a dangerous thing. The most dangerous thing. For this is where people go mad. It's never good to go mad, but better to go mad in science or mathematics than to go mad through the wiles of materialistic and selfish ends.

Always live your truth. And the greatest gift of creation is that when you do stay true to self, one of a kind circumstances and events unfold; things you look back on and are accredited for having accomplished, when in the depths of your soul you knew this wasn't your doing, but that you were just following what felt right- and out of that came greatness, and amazing manifestations; if only you could say, "yes, I did all of this on purpose...  I knew I would create such influential wonderment these past 20 years in the way that I did"... dare to say not, than to give Praise where praise is due ?.

We can have all of the information in the world, but there is still an unknown influence upon life's happenings that we each have zero control over, except for the way in which we react. It is the pointless sense of information that we extend unto ourselves and deem worthy, which give us a projected step-above those on the outskirts of society; the eclectics in society. And this in itself not only indirectly disenfranchises those same folks but cheats us of our own greatness as individuals and thus as a society. Such conformity is a double edged sword in that sense - it is a half truth. Half truths are more dangerous than lies.. unfortunately, much of the knowledge we get in school isn't knowledge of self but knowledge of others, and knowledge of random tid-bits of information, and that leads to making great sheep, and not independently wholesome originators.

If the truth is you do your best in math and you come up average, a mere C, then celebrate your ordinariness. If you score an A in history, then celebrate your excellence. Richard Branson admittedly can't read a spreadsheet and is doing just fine in the current paradigm. Einstein might have scored poorly if asked to write a Saturday Night Live sketch, but if asked what scientific laws operate on Saturday night, would have surely impressed. Grades are of no consequence. Who you are is. Embrace your uniqueness, your strengths and weaknesses, your authenticity. And do not allow a sick system to tell you otherwise. God made the world and said that it was good. You are all part of that goodness. -Tom Shadyac

This is why it is one of the five pillars in Islam to give 2.5% of your profit income each year to the needy. And why one should never overlook a homeless man in their presence; you pay him or her with the same amount of conscientious respect you pay to a Prince of Saudi, and to a super-model from the Balkins. We are all challenged in acting as our best selves day in and day out, but what enables such is habit, and habit comes from disciplining the self. Islam is a religion of discipline. Islam promulgates me to be driven and righteous, productive and inspiring. The demands it extends unto the self by following it's five pillars are the same disciplines and demands required for success in the material world. The spiritual world is the foundation of everything material - for everything that is material is energy and rhythm, therefore to guard against evil is to guard the self against evil as much as it is to be protected by the evil found in creation. And deeper than that, the wavelength we live on is the reality we perceive and create for ourselves - so Surah Al Falaq serving as the intro to my project creates within me a two-fold meaning and purpose. At a deep level, it reminds me to remain true to that which is most excellent and pure in myself, and through such may I exceed even my own expectations... And at the surface level, it is a call for The Most High's protection against the evils of man and free-will spirited entities existing on other levels, both psychologically and inter-dimensionally / metaphysically. It comes down to knowing thyself through knowing God, which can only be attained whence one lives a life of Discipline. This is why true Freedom (of choice) can only come from discipline.

5. What inspired you to create this project?

Hip-hop is so powerful and has much potential to change society in a great way. Hip-hop is the movement of empowerment for the least empowered in society. It's essence is about peace, love, unity and having fun. But the platform for it's pillars is the commanding of respect unto oneself, and one's community. It regards hearkening the struggles of life gracefully. We all have many different feelings all of the time. Creating a powerful light in the world, art is not a reflection of life as much as it is a reflection of a person living life. It provides us with the opportunity to look at ourselves in the mirror, whether through an artist's work, or our own creation. And this happens through various channels; from music, to the mature channel that is art paintings, to breakdancing, to emceein. This source of expression creates a responsibility that transcends beyond picturing all of us as normal and rationale people, who are suddenly shocked when the time-bomb of insanity goes off in our midst. To ignore the perversity that exists would mean to accept wickedness and insanity as absolute in and of itself, as opposed to dealing with the problems we face in front of us. HollowDreamz taps into the craziness. There's a theological and conceptual narrative and depth I implement in my work, and graciously so.

I created HollowDreamz to provoke thought, beyond fear and anger, shame and ostracization. The voice of the victimized, the voice of the oppressed is the most powerful of voices. The voice of the victimized and the criminalized is a valuable and articulated narration of our human state of existence and society's functionality. Using The Qur'an, Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy all within the same stroke of expression, people may easily justify parallels found among the three. While that too can serve as a perspective, HollowDreamz does not justify the actions of Charles Manson nor Ted Bundy nor any extremists who act in destructive ways. HollowDreamz serves to shed light unto the perspectives linked with these atrocities, and for that reason, empathy represents the highest morality found within, during times of trial and tribulation. Essentially, the essay presents an interest toward understanding. I'm empathetic. This makes me solid but also misunderstood. And as this type of person I have a responsibility to help others.

. . . The ability to recognize the truth in opposing points of view and to resolve possible contradictions at a higher level. Even as children, those that could hold opposites and differences as one and the same felt the most inspired when they created space for truths of a different bias… Sensing the yin and yang in every situation and finding meaning in diverse and opposing points of view…When we have empathy, we can walk in another’s shoes and recognize that the so-called sinner and the so-called saint are one and the same…And, genius seeks, accepts and appreciates that there is a back story to every situation…and as such, realizes that when all is known and understood, all is forgiven.

I use my sense of meaning through my Music Series concepts to calibrate my progress through life, and I aim at the highest possible good that I can see. Or at least, I start by aiming at the star I can see, and I aim to do this honestly. So I'm working toward Love. And toward Truth. With these two, being engaged like this, I can not only improve and progress but I can experience the best of the problems in life by putting to practice these two solutions. And this isn't what I "should be doing", but it's rather the wisest and best means to play life's journey, because adopting such willingness is where the solution for overcoming life's fears and challenges emerges, in my opinion. The common thread connecting these projects of mine regard “associational thinking,” which is the ability to draw connections between things that appear to be totally unrelated. Somehow it's been revealed to me, the balance and commonalities revealed, amidst the chaos and questions my curiosities have taken me in the direction of.

6. How do you walk the line between considering the voices of the victimized, with the ones who actually carry out the destructive acts?

Manson's perspective is justified, but his actions were not. And the difference is that his perspective can be expressed in two ways; he has two different choices to express himself, either constructively or destructively. And his intentions were destructive. Even so, the dialogue that happens between the speaker and the reporter is proof of the rigid-mindedness that not only exists, but influences the viewers witnessing the dialogue in action. And that was the point of the outro, SilverLining. The acceptance of all, and the individual's ability to critically and constructively empathize and understand all that he hears, rather than blindly shun, is what creates an expansion of consciousness and awareness. There are more than 100 ways to listen to what someone is saying, and so there are more than 100 interpretations to hearken, and rightfully so from the perspective of universal reasoning, when honestly and humbly discussed in dialogue. To specify the interpretation means to validate it in the sphere of its conditions. This is the unique perspective being offered by HollowDreamz, and this is the perspective being championed, whereby when utilized, conclusions and judgments may expand via dialogue when given a fair chance.

“The question is not if we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Ultimately, going back to the intro of Epitome Perennial, it is just a matter of reconciling the differences within the self through discipline and spiritual uprightness. Nobody is perfect, and perfection is not being sought. What surely is not being sought is the continuation of turmoil by means of pushing the dial past it's point. And this is what happens when powerlessness from within springs about through reaction, and oft-times it happens at a breaking point. That breaking point must be alleviated within the self, and that certain point is alleviated by the paradigm of a new system. One way for it to be fixed is through the current prison system, which eats, chews, and spits out delinquents, having failed in it's process of rehabilitation. If the constructivity can begin there, then well and good, but for it to begin beforehand is the essential goal. Of course, the school system is another problem as elaborated by the many quotes I've added on HollowDreamz's home-page.  

In other words, based upon society and the components denoting world economics - being monetarily driven - and forgetting about the underlying spirit and humanity among us all, it is the system and social construct that perpetrates and serves as the launching pad for turmoil to furthermore elaborate itself. Utopia is a tough thing to come by. And juxtaposingly, the construct and the unwritten rules of the game (it's conditions and variable-natures, therein) point toward such reasoning, but specifically, what "is", depends on a basis to basis scenario. It is not all that Utopian. It is just that the occurrence of its existence under the current construct makes it far-reaching.  But the current construct is malleable. Moreover, idealism may translate into reality depending upon the specific topic being mentioned, but generally speaking, it takes a new system to birth a new paradigm. This new system is to be implemented by leaders leading the new paradigm. Leaders that may very well establish themselves in the culture of Hip-Hop. As such, this new system will influence the rest into adopting the new paradigm. The new world order is toward somewhere constructive. It may be deemed fearful and evil but changing the system leads us to redefining that which we fear; new and improved systems benefiting those who were not benefited before within the past system. Or to put it another way, to change the system means to redefine what threatens us and what we fear. Capitalism could but feel threatened by the next stage of evolution, toward free energy, barter, etc.

7. Touch on the correlation and differences between Epitome Perennial and HollowDreamz.

HollowDreamz is to see things in the seed. The soul of individualism. Epitome Perennial is the vision as a whole (race/kin/Group/People leadership) having already met individuality. Epitome Perennial is everlasting. HollowDreamz is transient in nature. Destruction and doubt destroys itself, until it is regenerated and evolves toward life and constructivity. In the long run, HollowDreamz serves as the cure to the fate faced by the leaders of Epitome Perennial stature. If Epitome Perennial leaders are who we need to solve problems - of injustice, war - then HollowDreamz is the prevention of problems ever manifesting; it deals with 'empowerment', which is what lacks in Evil, hence the resortment to destruction and not the construction of. If everyone lived their purpose, the world would be a lot closer to peace I believe. Instead we chase the dollars and not what is always the best for us.

"It’s surprising to see the words “help” and “Bundy” in the same sentence...". People are not 100% evil, and 100% good. It should be no surprise to see any person have goodness within, or evil within. Some may have 99% evil within, but that's as far as it will ever go. just look at the dark side of the yin-yang circle; that white dot representative of goodness is forever there even if it is as small as a fraction of 1%. There is much wisdom and knowledge in darkness, both in ourselves through the other, and of the other through it's environment, which is indelibly our environment.

HollowDreamz is the viewing of individuals deemed as failures by society's standards via these person's actions being destructive, albeit self-preserving, thus "constructive" in their perception of themselves ironically. Epitome Perennial is the viewing of legends with a message of constructivity, paradoxically deemed destructive by those who killed them. In HollowDreamz, what they deem as common ground is conformity, hence abiding to the status quo. HollowDreamz aims to challenge such status quo through means of remaining true to self, and doing so constructively with the future in mind. Thereby, HollowDreamz yearns to provide the answer to the ill-fates faced by Epitome Perennial leaders, and wholesomely so, as such would not only protect Epitome Perennial leaders from danger, but would eliminate their need for existence and struggle to begin with (whereupon greatness is made possible in so far as the amount such characteristics of greatness lack). Such expressionism is articulated upon the canvass of Energy & Rhythm. Energy & Rhythm seeks to find common ground within the spectrum, drawing inspiration from the infinite and all that exists, as an existential experience.

The bridge between being in the rut of stagnation and reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, has to do with patience and continual progress forward. On a personal note, I was rushing when I was making this project. It affected the quality of what I was doing. I was at a point where, as I focused on music, I felt everyone around me was progressing and I was at a stand-still. It helped me realize my own process. I was frustrated with what might or might not happen. Energy & Rhythm is me coming out of that "hollow" way of thinking. Things begin to snowball. All it takes is just some self-awareness of my own unique journey, and patience. How content am I with the real me, in other words, the topic of "know thyself" and individuality and non-conformity coincidingly? I think this question of "know thyself" is the beginning of everybody's true journey. It is the alpha of every story. I created a full music project for this reason. #HollowDreamz. This is all very important, not only for the human self, but for society's functionality.

KIDS: Know thyselves, And follow your dreams.  AND PARENTS: be the guiding support system, and not the authority of conformity.

8. If careers are thought of as a path taken in life - one which constitutes how we spend the majority of our time, and the lifestyle we endeavor upon, and how we make our impact, and even sometimes how we define our identity -- now taking a look back in retrospect, as if we were now turning 90 years old, if we could press the pause button for a moment and reflect upon how to make right what our current circumstances are in light of how it would be visualized long down the road, what words or thoughts do you have to share coming from this point of view?

I've reflected on this and after hearing perspectives of folks time and time again, it makes little sense to spend 40 hours a week of your life for 30+ years doing something out of a fear mentality of being judged for otherwise. We all have strengths and weaknesses. It is ok to work a job that does not fulfill but to sustain it without any bigger plan or vision in mind, or any end goal in mind is how one loses track of oneself and well-being and becomes void of reaching their ideal Stent of the Art. Goals and a vision for self is of utmost importance in life. Without a vision for where you're headed, at the most basic foundational level, you're left to drift and be pulled and abused by others for their own accords. The more likely you are left to drift, the more likely you will get abused by others. As Kanye once said, it's good to use others. It's wrong to abuse. Now knowing thyself is what it all about. Hence, for my hollowdreamz project, I created a way for people to get more in touch with themselves the way I have. The "Means of Action" page offers some tangible resources and ideas toward that end. 

And this is the major thesis of HollowDreamz as a concept: how society prizes certain individuals, but how society itself is flawed because what we prize much of the time is only money and status. Teachers have an important job in the world, and the money doesn't reflect that, and the market doesn't either, for we know the need for teachers is way higher than the checks they get deposited into their bank accounts. Whereas entertainers are entertainment and they get paid the most. And entertainment is not a necessity we cannot live without per se, in the grandest of existential operatives. Switch entertainment with rest or exercise or social gathering or love making and that fulfillment is met. What isn't meant however is the heroic venturing we each have when we see our favorite athlete or musician make a play or sing a song. What if you yourself found that heroic ideal within, and expressed it in your own unique, original way. That is genius. And that is something worth tapping into. Seemingly, in decades and centuries previous, life was meant for survival and society was built as a machine toward sustainability but things are changing it seems, and people are expanding and the internet is making aspirations slowly manifest day by day.

9. What impact does Islam have on your creativity?

Looking at the news, I notice the West and it’s counterparts seemingly squabbling with Islam. Islam as an image and projection by the media is surely deemed an adversary of the West all through basic imagery and indirect connotations. And this is to say the least, not mentioning “terrorism” and “Muslim” being used in the headlines within the context of being labeled as direct threats despite key findings and statistics painting a picture other than what is depicted in the media (source). The solution can be found in defining Islam to the ignorant as a religion and tradition founded upon universal principles and virtues, much like how America was founded by The Founding Fathers it champions (saving the double-standards and hypocrisy of Slavery and what sexism and prejudices existed back then, of course). I think breaking down Islam to its essence and branding it in such a way - in its most upright and truest of senses makes all the difference. Moreover, I think the propagation of Islam in the worst of its light is created and prompted by Middle Eastern countries unbenignly, which does much harm on a grand scale in terms of the division and prejudice in these nations, and the lack of women’s rights for education first and foremost since it is the women who lead a society and create prosperity as shown by research and statistics of Muhammad Yunus' work specifically, among others.

All of this is a paradox in and of itself. Furthermore, an even greater irony is the positive reinforcement that the West creates (whether directly or indirectly), with directly and indirectly benefiting from, and thus positively reinforcing such Muslim nations at the low standards they function in. The irony. And yet the genius behind the madness it is. Albeit the narrative is constantly showing Islam as the aggressor and in the wrong. And without empathy (toward such need for understanding why, or how), thereby no real progress or change is made. I believe the arts in whatever form are able to humanize real world issues across the spectrum of the human condition, thereby softening the hardness and falsities and really bringing things back to their simplest form: that we are all human and we all share the same fears, wants, needs etc. Unfortunately fear is a great motivator of actions and reactions than our basic humanness for loving one another, especially when power and capital is involved.

And that seems to continue to be the trajectory of humanity's nature. Unfortunately. A time will come when a change to such paradigm and consciousness evolves and elevates. And one of those variables will be the looking of outside of ourselves, into a greater world beyond Earth ? which is what Energy and Rhythm will constitute. And yet, going back to my point on art, it is art that truly influences the world and our aesthetics and attitudes and personas and culture from the pop world to the underground scenes, from marketing campaigns targeting the masses to political candidates branding themselves to speak to and capture certain audiences and demographics as shown in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 elections specifically. It is quite paradoxical. Everything is absolute and interconnected, at a certain level. The important impact and effect of art and poetry is spoken well of by Bernard Hankins in the Integrating People of Color TEDxCharlottesville talk he delivered which can be found on the homepage.

Qur'an 6042. Most of the Evil in this world is due to the false idea that man is irresponsible, or to a mad and thoughtless indulgence of self. Man is not irresponsible. He is responsible for every deed, word, and thought of his ... To remember this and act accordingly is to achieve ... to forget or flout that responsibility is to ...

To measure the man, measure his heart. -Malcolm Forbes

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. -Pablo Picasso

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. -Steve Jobs

You have a gift that only you can give the world. That's the whole reason you're on the planet. Use your precious energy to build a magnificent life that really is attainable. -Unknown

First of all, you have to love [what you do], because if there is any other reason for going into it, it won't work. Secondly, you have to be yourself. You have to recognize your unique characteristics and what your talents are. -Edith Flanigen

Believe in the power of Truth . . . Do not allow your mind to be imprisoned by majority thinking. -Patricia Bath

Only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we achieve our full potential. -Jane Goodall

All of us have talents and have things to contribute . . . Never let others define what your life can be. -Shirley Ann Jackson

If you know you are on the right track, if you have this inner knowledge, then nobody can turn you off . . . No matter what they say. -Barbara McClintock

Each of us has heaven and hell in him. -Oscar Wilde

I pray that God will bless you in everything that you do. I pray that you will grow intellectually, so that you can understand the problems of the world and where you fit into, in that world picture. -Malcolm X